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so she simply getting some quick cash for doing very little but advertising t-shirts. Great for chronic dry skin, hands & feet, diabetic skin care, even heals ezcema and is safe for children. Black men need to step up and behave the way men of OTHER RACES BEHAVE.

These ghetto baby mama's (financially enabled by white liberals) do not want for her daughter and son what she did not have. You all want a guy who's grandmother was a baby mama by multiple men, who's mama is a baby mama by multiple men, who's sisters are baby mama's by multiple men to all of a sudden become something he has never seen. You probably will have to catch him in his late 30's or 40's after he has made some mistakes and learned on his own how to be a man.

I refuse to accept a cute educated, physically fit (under 170 pounds) black woman with a friendly personality and a tight va-gina telling me that she can't find a husband.

Not all staes garinish your wages in my case he had the option to pay and then they garnish but some men will quit there job just so they don't pay.

These stories on blogs are surface stories until you were ther or want to find the depth try something new help them out instead of the bashing.

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