Is intimidating someone illegal

So it is important for the Police to remove any guns they may have access to.Police have the authority to remove all guns, even if they do not belong to the troublemaker.If someone in your life (or an ex-spouse or ex-lover) hurts you physically, we will arrest the offender and change them with an offence.If the offender intimidates you, threatens you, or harasses you, we can apply to the court for a special order called an Apprehended Violence Order.Accordingly the NSW Police Force ensure they will provide equal assistance to anyone who may be on the receiving end of domestic violence, whether they are male or female.

There is no need for you to wait until you have been slapped, punched, beaten, or assaulted in any way. Laws have recently been introduced in NSW to give police greater power to provide immediate protection, if you’ll just reach out and ask us for help.

If there is a gun available for them to use it could mean real danger to you.

So please be sure to tell us if you know of any gun or even suspect that the offender may have access to one, even if they have never threatened you with it .

For them, an Apprehended Violence Order is the way to get protection.

For others, the only way to stop the violence is to have the offender arrested.

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