Spleen meridian sedating points

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What does everything hear to the enlarged functional circle kidney?

You can start to feel so mellow that you just want to kick back and Relax all day in bed! If you find this information valuable and uplifting take action; share it with others.

Remember: Always strengthen the Spleen Meridian whenever you sedate the Triple warmer by pressing or massaging 1 ½ inches below the center of each breast (not below the breast) with the heels of your hands. You may be only one person, but you have the ability to spread this positive, encouraging good news throughout the world by simply sharing it with one or two people. The following list is just a small portion of the topics I teach.

A powerful, healing energy goes directly to the organs inside.

The spleen meridian starts at the tip of the great toe.

The following is a simple, quick procedure that will sedate the Triple Warmer Meridian.Luo-point: B58 Yuan point K3 is additionally supported by the coupled Luo point B58 (Couples bladder with kidney, which has a significantly stimulating (tonic) effect) Master point: B11 The point strengthens bone, marrow, teeth etc.and is (like the alarm point) pressure-painfully Tonifying point: K7 The point strengthens (animates, supportes) the Kidney-meridian functions in weakness Sedating point: K1 und N2 K1 calms and strengthens the kidneys and acts beneficial for acute symptoms. This is very beneficial, just try it out once (It is part of everyday health program for many Chinese).in general weakness or activity weakness and this triggered complaints) pressure-sensitive, painful Other names Mu-point Acute point: K5 By this point, acute symptoms of kidney function circuit are treated (for example, back pain, effusions, etc.) It connects directly to the kidney It strengthens the kidneys and has thus a positive effect on the symptoms described above.Other names Approval point: B23 B23 The point on the back activates blood and energy to cure the kidney meridian complaints Yuan-point: K3 A yuan point acts always compensatory, he supports with emptiness, weakness (e.g., osteoporosis, night sweat etc.) and sedates (calms) in case of overheating (eg acute, severe back pain) So it's an extremely important point.

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