Website maintenance and updating

Many website frameworks will alert you when a new version of a plugin is available – but you have to be paying attention.

If you have web-oriented, in-house IT staff, they should be monitoring the website on a regular basis and keeping up with expirations and updates.

If it’s not being managed or you would like a free review of your website code, contact us for more information.

web maintenance Does your existing Website need fresh content or routine updates?

website maintenance and updating-19

For example, we have some clients that we bill under 0 a year because their content updates are so minimal.All you need to do is decide what you want us the details..we'll do the rest. Pay-as-you-go maintenance is charged at an hourly rate of 0.However unlike most web development companies we only charge per quota (capped every 10 minutes).Plugins and extensions are mini-applications that you add onto to your website to increase the features, like having a slideshow on the home page (an easy target for hackers), a video player, a photo gallery, a social media feed, etc.These mini-applications also routinely expire and need to be upgraded or they can become the backdoor that hackers use to access your website.

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