Updating my sony ericsson

The Sony Ericsson Satio runs on the Symbian S60 OS and sometimes will receive updates to make the phone perform better and fix any bugs.

Before you upgrade the firmware on your Sony Ericsson Satio, it is recommended to back up all the information on your device, as it can be wiped when performing an update.

All video software acquired by MAGIX is now available at VEGAS Creative Software and all audio software at MAGIX Audio.

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I click it, and for two seconds nothing happens, then the completely useless progress indicator (sorry, I should really stop saying that – it is a glorified hourglass) starts flashing. After removing the SIM, I pressed the C button while inserting the USB cable.At this stage, I thought “hmm, this could’ve been some crappy shareware program for peer to peer file-sharing, but hey, it’s Sony Ericsson”.The next screen is the program proper; you’re greeted with a big Sony Ericsson logo and a nice, flashing progress bar of the kind that tells you nothing about how much time has elapsed or how much remains – just that something is happening. It flashes in a nice way, and within seconds you know for certain that the nice flashing isn’t connected to what’s actually going on in any way.Flatmate Anders pointed out the irony of flashing with a Flash application to me later on, when things were going downhill. The next screen allows you to choose your nationality, not from a drop-down list but from a screenful of fuzzy graphics with fancy mouseover effects. Maybe some people are reassured by fancy fuzzy graphics; I’m not one of them. The accompanying animation shows the phone with a handy on/off-sign, fair enough, the rear cover of the phone being removed, the SIM-card being removed, and the rear cover sliding back on. For procedures that can render your hardware inoperable I prefer thorough instructions, written by someone with a decent knowledge of the language used.Especially not when the quality of the graphics change from screen to screen (the progress indicator mentioned earlier was drawn sharply). Apparently there was no reason to include the battery in the animation. Oh, and an animation that shows only parts of the process does as much harm as good.

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