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However , in terms of enhancing status , I do see some people \"marrying-up\" as it was called then.....a coloured girl married a white guy. If put in the position any coloured women successful or not may find themselves attarcted to and dating a white guy now if its being implied that 'successful' coloured women prefer white men..a few andacdotal examples cannot convince me of that argument really.

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My theory is simply that the could not find black/coloured men who could measure up to their status, their intelligence and financially.Hope this is clear.....wkn to y'all:)A point of clarification the 5 \"6\" I quoted with regard to Tom Cruise is 5 feet 6 Inches tall , it has no connection with the measurement of pvt parts.Hope this is clear.....wkn to y'all:) Hi Adamas, success shouldn't be the word then.Then we've got nothing to say to each other, have we?The topic initiator had the urge to clear his mind on this issue, or to start a discussion and whoever take part in the discussion, don't do it as a matter of taking judgement on such people. But at the end of the day, aren't there other important issues at hand that can be discussed that affect our daily existence?

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