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Shah also said he was eventually freed after he learnt enough English to speak directly to his U. interrogators and convince them he was telling the truth. A photo of a young, dimpled Hamidullah grins down from a wall of a stuffy concrete room in Karachi, Pakistan’s largest city.

It’s the last photo taken before he disappeared on the border between Afghanistan and Pakistan. Hamidullah vanished in 2008 after his father sent him to collect the family’s belongings from their village near the border.

Khan said he ran away from home as a teenager to escape beatings from his strict military father, who disapproved of his poor grades, his friends and his drinking and smoking.

He said he went to Afghanistan to find a job because he had read about U. But within a week, he said, he was arrested after Afghans made up accusations against him to collect cash for a tip-off.

He said he spent the next six months being beaten by interrogators every few days. ’” Khan was eventually moved from his single cell to the general prison population and the beatings stopped. A Red Cross spokesman confirmed the organization flew him back to his hometown of Peshawar in Pakistan.

Sometimes he was shackled to a chair, other times hung from the ceiling by his ankles. It was just — is it going to be for one month or for six months? Local Pakistani security services are now frequent callers at his parents’ house.

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It was also a home for the military personnel and civilian contractors who lived behind large concrete barriers called T-walls and razor wire on six square miles of Afghanistan.The vast majority of the posts on Craigslist involve male soldiers seeking sex with other men - a practice that could have resulted in the discharge of both parities from the military under Don't Ask Don't Tell, which barred gays in the armed forces.'Looking for a workout buddy or someone to hang out with, see where it goes.Let's be honest, we all have our times and if it comes down to it, I want someone for clean, sane, safe and drama free fun,' one serviceman who said he was at Kandahar Air Field wrote.It had power and water plants, sewage treatment, waste disposal, recycling and landfill, industrial zones, suburbs of storage and newly built barracks, town planners and a director of public works.Management was outsourced to private contractors and staffed by civilians servicing Operation Enduring Freedom, the official name of the war in Afghanistan, which ends next month for the Americans, after 13 years (and when Bagram will finally be empty).

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