Updating role based security for report builder access

From the Microsoft Dynamics GP Application Level Security Series.

Microsoft Dynamics GP version 10.0 introduces a new pessimistic task and role based security model.

Security Roles for a User and Company combination are stored in table sy Security Assign User Role (SY10500).

Security Roles are defined in table sy Security MSTRRole (SY09100).

Below is a view to show the security roles and tasks assigned to each user in each GP company.

And for a lot more information about GP security, take a look at David Musgrave’s Microsoft Dynamics GP Application Level Security Series and the Support Debugging Tool.

Security Table Information Security Operations for a Security Task are stored in table sy Security Assign Task Operations (SY10700).

Below are the steps to populate the Security Resource Descriptions table: Now that the Security Resource Descriptions table has been populated we can use it in a SQL Query from SQL Query Analyzer (SQL Server 2000) or SQL Server Management (SQL Server 2005). SECURITYROLENAME,'') AS SECURITYROLENAME, --ISNULL(M. SECURITYROLEDESC,'') AS SECURITYROLEDESC, ISNULL(O.

The easiest way I found to do this add a column to the SQL query like this SLECT @Random Time AS Dummy Column.

Dynamics GP 10.0 has brought about a drastic change in GP security.

For more information see Support Debugging Tool Build 10 released.

Just right click and select Security Information to open the window.

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