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I wonder how long he’s been taking cock, how long he’s been raw-dogging it. Because with this body, what else can he be but a trainer, right? ” This time, he’s more audible, and just as definite.

I wonder where he’s been, the last few years I’ve been living in this sexless cul-de-sac.

For who knows how long, I kneel there between his legs, my hands cupped around those beautiful cheeks, as my senses slowly restore and I can feel my kettledrum heart thudding in my ribcage.

Nothing exists for me at that moment save for his ass contracting around my pulsing, engorged flesh, and the sensation of my seed jetting into his guts.

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You look at it, and all you can do is wonder how many squats it took to bring about this consummation of meat and muscle. I’ve run into obvious fantasists and scammers on these sites before, from the guys who throw up a couple of jailbait photos from Reddit and send me messages that read, , to the dudes who post genuine pics of themselves but try to pass off 65 as 43 . On the other hand, I thought to myself, do I know the name of the second cross street north of me? Thankfully, it’s not too long before I see a figure ambling down the sidewalk.

That indescribable, sculpted, sent from heaven with a seraphim chorus of trumpets accompanied by a cherubim choir ass. I stare at that butt for a long minute, motionless. Appropriate, since I feel like I’m having a religious experience. In the second it takes him to ask, in these brief few words, I feel like I’ve had more insight into what drives this boy that probably his friends and family do.

” Is there anything more endearing than a kid like this asking if he’s good enough?

One of his fists hits the mattress; I can feel the vibration as it strikes. Yet the longer I lap at him, the more of him I clean up, the deeper my tongue probes at that wide-open pussy that’s been fucked and bred, the less he resists.

Savagely I yank apart his cheeks and suck on the hole, tasting my essence as it oozes out. “No one’s ever done this for you after they fucked you. ” “Noooooo,” he whines, raising his head and shaking it. “But you love it, don’t you.” He knows it’s not a question. At first, he continues to beat the mattress with his clenched fist, as if pounding at a door that will never open.

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