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What I wanted to say was My heart is so wide open and they're so fragile.

I do make it a point to listen to what she's saying because although it is a fictional show, there are some seriously good words of wisdom in there. Always tell the people closest to you how important they really are.

""much of Teddy and Owen, but we're consistently reminded that they have "a past." I am fine not seeing it.25.

Alex and Lucy So, at one point, Alex starts dating this new OB, Lucy. But, as Perkins points out, "You fall for men who aren't available — engaged, only in town for a few weeks ... You deserve more." It's a fair point, but who wants to date the man who both sees and calls you on your shit? Catherine Avery and the Chief Catherine Avery doesn't strike me as the sort of woman you have a relationship with; she strikes me as the sort of woman who sweeps you up.

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Also, anyone who dates greys anatomy dating quotes someone that they actively consider to be below their league other dating sites like tinder is probably an asshole who shouldnt be allowed to play in any of the leagues. And that, ladies and gentlemen, is a life lesson we need to take and apply to our daily lives.

We've all been there, but I'm no Arizona fan — believe me, I'll get into that soon — but even I admit she deserved better than the whiny mess wrought by her weeks-long hookup with Leah, who took clingy to new heights. Bailey and Tucker It was a bummer to see Bailey go from the happy, smug Married to sad, smothered Married. But the criteria I'm relying on here is the way Cristina has described their relationship in hindsight. One day I was Cristina Yang, and then suddenly I was lying for him, and jeopardizing my career, and agreeing to be married and wearing a ring, and being a bride.

The show primarily revolves around the main character Meridith Grey, and her close relationship with her friends and colleagues.At least one half of each couple had to be a member of the Seattle Grace/Mercy West/Sloan-Grey Memorial Hospital staff — so as adorable as George O'Malley's parents were, they're sadly disqualified. Stark with these names, you have my utmost respect. Alex and Olivia/George and Olivia (tie) Olivia the Scrub Nurse was basically just a walking plot device: first she's spreading syphilis around the hospital, next she's getting fired and tipping Derek off about the Chief's erratic behavior in season seven. She was the sort of girlfriend who sent you off to work with homemade banana bread and who took your psychotic coworkers in stride. Izzie and George This relationship was, for both the viewers and the characters themselves, a prime example of "Be careful what you wish for." Izzie and George should've been sweet and funny and, like, on the fast track to having two little kids who would dress up as doctors on Halloween.Now let's get to it.'s is a show that has ever jumped the shark, but I do know that Alex listening in to Izzie having "sex" with the ghost (or hallucination or whatever) of Denny Duquette was the moment where many long-time viewers gave up on the series. It wasn't bad enough to permanently mar the memory of Izzie and Not Ghost Denny, but it really wasn't good.45. She and George had a cute moment or two though, and she'd likely rank higher on this list if she'd had character traits beyond "competent nurse" and "seems very nice."39. She was Owen's best attempt at Bright and Shiny, and she had every right to be devastated when he dumped her for reiterating that she wanted kids and would want to stay home with them. The complete absence of sexual chemistry in their relationship (which they apparently didn't notice before they embarked on it, but to be fair, viewers didn't really notice either) was their eventual undoing — but not before it was played for some really solid laughs.It was always going to end badly, but even by standards, a complete mental break from reality followed by a suicide attempt is a pretty rotten way for things to wrap up.27.Matthew and April"Hey, we're both virgins.""Well, kind of.""Wanna get married in a barn?

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