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The "Ashkali" identity was created in 1999, as they tried to show their pro-Albanian stance and distinguish themselves from the Roma (Gypsies).

It was earlier applied to sedentary Roma who settled in Albanian areas during Ottoman Empire times.

Now they are divided by identifying with two different groups, although the people share culture, traditions and language (Albanian).

During the Kosovo War, they were displaced as refugees in Albania, Serbia and the Republic of Macedonia and whole Western Europe such as Germany and France.

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Ashkalija often worked as blacksmiths, or manual laborers on Ottoman estates.

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The Ashkali (also Aškalije, Haškalije, Hashkali) and Balkan Egyptians (Jevgs, Egjiptjant or Gjupci) are Albanian-speaking ethnic cultural minorities (recognized communities) which mainly inhabit Kosovo.

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