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As for an actual date, I usually tell the person on the second date.And I tell every potential sex partner before having sex.

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Then I cross my fingers that they ask me how I got into this work.I hooked up with this guy and we started making out.When we went into the bedroom, I told him about my HIV status. The perfect date: It’s like a date I had a couple of weeks ago.When he came back (his wallet was in his pants) we talked for a while. I settled him down and told him I’m on meds and I’m undetectable. We chilled for a few hours—watching movies, talking, laughing and holding each other.He thanked me but said there was no way he could bring himself to be with someone with HIV. LIKES: going to movies, listening to music, relaxing, a man who likes kids DISLIKES: poor hygiene, people who judge, spicy food, clingy or selfish people How do you meet dates? I’ve met a few in the bar when I used to go to certain clubs, but in a bar you don’t really know who you’re meeting; they could end up being a psychopath. I tell them right away on the first date if I really like them and wish to continue to see them.

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