Who is melissa joan hart dating

NEXT: And then there were the guest stars…[pagebreak] In addition to talented crewmembers, the generous budget also brought in big-name guest stars, from Kelly Clarkson lurking in the background on campus to Andy Roddick as himself and a tennis coach, and appearances from *NSYNC and the Backstreet Boys.

A story based between a high school and a mystical realm, or the “other realm” as it was called on the show, meant shoot days had a certain quality of fun, with ample guest stars, stunts, and special effects.

And lest you think that Hart's spilling these nostalgic beans will mar the perfect couple that is Reynolds and Blake Lively, know that the former actress are actually friends in real life.

Lively knows all about that kiss and it's a non-issue.

“I would have some sort of portal or a hologram that could go and do a job for me so I wouldn’t have to get on an airplane.” Oh, and that man-dough.

While she’s happily married and hardly in need of the product’s promised perfect date, her dough concoction would be “a little bit of Ryan Gosling, mixed with Channing Tatum’s body, and a younger Harrison Ford’s face.” So would Hart and her man-dough ever be interested in a reunion with her magical costars?

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