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(The male homosexual practice of rectal fist insertion has been described previously.) We believe this death to be the first reported case of a "fisting" death due to vaginal fist insertion during heterosexual activity. I will say that having a woman writhing on the end of your fist is a fantastic power trip for us dominate types.

there's anal fisting as well." I knew there was anal fisting, I've even heard of people putting their foot in a woman's vagina (who knows maybe anal too, lol)"I for one cannot understand the allure of fisting...I have heard of fisting and have tried it, but never gotten my fist in (I have big hands) I have heard of double fisting even, there must be some kind of limit and at least I wonder what it is. Relaxin is a hormone produced by pregnant women that allows their bodies to accommodate a growing fetus, as well as allow her pelvis to open for delivery.Women tear for many reasons, and mostly because there's pressure on certain areas that aren't prepared.Subscribe to /First Dates TV: Follow us on Twitter: […] Watch Video This week Samantha goes on a date with yet another doctor.Chris seems a lot less aggressive than the last doctor she went on a date with.

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