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But when it comes to British gastronomy the country's top chefs all agree; without the Roux brothers we would be in a very different place.

They worked with Marks & Spencer to create the first truly tasty ready meals, while in their restaurants and through a scholarship scheme they trained a new generation of chefs including Marco Pierre White, Gordon Ramsay and Marcus Wareing. Albert's son Michel Roux Jr now runs Le Gavroche, with two Michelin stars, and has also made a name for himself as the no-nonsense judge on Master Chef: The Professionals.

Although family is clearly important to them, it was also something they didn’t get to enjoy in their early days.

‘It’s always a regret I didn’t spend more time with my children,’ says Albert.

In the 20 years since I left Le Gavroche my returns at the Waterside Inn are bigger than Le Gavroche’s. ’Despite their disagreements they insist they have never really fallen out.

‘If he says something I don’t like I tell him, but we love each other so we never part as anything but good friends,’ says Michel.

“If I were to describe quickly what I think TF’s are, I would say to imagine Yin & Yang.‘I was almost born in a kitchen – my mother’s contractions started as she was helping in the Cazalet kitchens – and it’s where I feel at home,’ says Michel Jr.‘It was a huge burden to take on the Roux legacy but you can’t turn your back on it.’Similarly Alain never thought of doing anything differently.I also believe – for most of us anyway – that our twins are watching over us from The Other Side. The twin flame concept is not new, it has other labels such as ‘soul mates’ which pertains to the belief that somewhere in the world (or spiritual realm) is a perfect person, a perfect partner, a perfect match of each and everyone of us.It cannot be proven of course and therefore the author asks you to ‘follow’ your instincts and ‘inner voice’ and avoid other peoples opinions (who disagree).

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