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Each type (class) of antidepressant affects these neurotransmitters in slightly different ways.

A doctor may use procedural sedation for a minor procedure that needs only small amounts of anesthesia and doesn't require an anesthesia specialist to be there.

Gymnasts were sent to Nassar for any pain — whether it was in the back, hip, or muscle — and he often suggested massage as the treatment, according to interviews with gymnasts.

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Antidepressants are a popular treatment choice for depression.

She opened the door and saw the team doctor for USA Gymnastics, Larry Nassar.

“I thought you could use a massage,” she says he told her. It wasn’t the first time she says Nassar had appeared at her door at night, offering a massage under the guise of therapy.

Those treatments, it turns out, weren’t necessarily treatments at all.

According to Raisman and other gymnasts who have described the procedures, Nassar’s so-called therapy seemed to consist primarily of invasive massage, touching the girls around their pelvic areas and vagina.

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