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You can find a more detailed description of the process of embedding a video here.Webcams are a simple, inexpensive, and convenient way to capture images for live streaming.A good rule of thumb is to have an Internet upload connection that’s twice as fast as the bitrate you intend to broadcast.(Note that’s upload not download speed, upload usually being significantly slower.) Obviously the best connection is high-speed cable or DSL, but sometimes that’s not available.The procedure for this varies somewhat from one platform to another, but in most cases involves copying the embed code and then pasting it into the new location.Once that’s done, the stream will appear in its own frame on the page.This avoids the need, for example, to sacrifice your mobile phone for long periods of time to broadcasting.Webcams generally have a wired rather than a wireless connection to the computer that processes the image or the encoding device.

Uploading your webcam stream to your streaming platform puts it into a coded format that lets you embed the stream onto other websites.

If the video is a live stream, it will be running constantly.

If it’s set up as an on-demand video, the frame will be inert until the viewer activates it by clicking on it.

The simplest cameras for use with live streaming are webcams.

They’re also the cheapest and most easily available, being part of any smart phone or laptop.

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