Accommodating large people on airline speed dating oklahoma cit

Not all airline seats on the same plane are the same, however.

For example, on the American Airlines Boeing 737, the back row seats are narrower due to the curved fuselage, while on the US Airways Airbus A330, some seats are narrower because of the design of the tray tables.

From airline policies designed for the comfort of skinny travelers to narrow roller coaster seats that leave the heftier thrill-seeker on the sidelines, travel is not always comfortable for those at the larger end of the spectrum.

But if she is the strongest candidate for the job, it seems wrong to not choose her based on her body size.For example, Southwest requires obese passengers to purchase a second seat in advance (but provides a refund if the plane is not full).In Canada, however, the One-Person-One-Fare policy forbids domestic airlines from charging extra for a medically necessary second seat.In general, airlines such as American try to accommodate passengers who do not fit into a single seat by rearranging seating to provide a second seat.If the plane is full, you might be required to wait until the next available flight and pay full fare for a second seat.

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