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Great article and most important, you mention the consequences of lying, which I could not find in Spanish.

Have you ever thought about translating your articles into Spanish and help some of the Latinamerican families follow your advice?

When their child enters adolescence and begins acting more evasively to get more room to grow, parents may begin to wonder: "Whatever happened to the truth?

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I think the goal is for parents to value truth telling so their teenager learns to value it too.

Liars start by deceiving others, but they end by fooling themselves. A lie is a trick to get others to believe what really isn't so. In closing, remember the Ten Most Common Adolescent Lies: 1) "I already did it." 2) "I didn't do it." 3) "I'll do it later." 4) "I didn't know." 5) "I forgot." 6) "I didn't think you'd mind." 7) "I didn't know that's what you meant." 8) "I didn't think you were serious." 9) "It wasn't my fault." 10) "It was an accident." For more about parenting adolescents, see my book, "SURVIVING YOUR CHILD'S ADOLESCENCE" (Wiley, 2013.) Information at: week's entry: SIGNS OF TEENAGE SUBSTANCE USE. It should just be noted that often the environment put forth by the parents can promote adolescent lying.

If I did not lie to my parents as an adolescent I literally would never have been allowed out of the house, as my parents could not accept very normal risks and experimentations central to personal growth. Even if they suspected otherwise, they could fall back on the self lie that they ruled with what information they were given. I like your suggestions for parents, however, it would not have worked in my household given that as much as lying was outwardly condemed, truth wasn't respected either. First, all adolescents lead double lives, growing up partly within and partly outside of what parents want and know.

Our neighbors' teenager has just started lying big time.

They are worried that they don't know what is really happening to their son.

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