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You know, that thing you’ll never label your ex as being in because you’re more comfortable convincing yourself that he’s a changed, f*cktard-no-more, emotionally available, empathetic prince that’s now with a new/hot/cool girl who’s everything you never were and never can be.He’s doing everything with her that he wouldn’t do with you, no matter how hard you tried.I came home to a note on the table after 12 years and the day before he was telling me he loved me.

I haven’t seen or spoken to him in 30 days and am letting my actions speak for me. It is true about the family not knowing because his mom didn’t even know he was seeing someone else. He is now engaged to someone else and I felt a little down about it because everything just happened so fast. This post and others of yours have really helped as i deal with the break up of a 4 year relationship 4 months ago…

I desperately don’t want to feel this way anymore and I keep being told how lovely I am and that I won’t be single for long, but I don’t have much faith that I’ll find someone else.

It’s such a huge knock to your confidence and self-esteem it’s kind of unreal. Me and my ex broke up in March however we slept together at the end of May. Dont worry it just means we made them the happiest that theyre trying to copy it with the new girl Reading your comment helped as much as the article.

I lost myself in my relationship and catered to his every need always before myself.

Your site is a daily inspiration for me and has helped me from falling completely apart.

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