Dating disasters jon lloyd

And you'll make mistakes, because the picture of the destination in your head is like a distant shore that you're trying to dimly discern through the mist.Was there a formula to creating your shows, or was it a gut instinct?I'd realised very early on that I wasn't going to make a good lawyer; I spent my whole time doing plays, writing sketches and the gossip column for the university paper, that kind of stuff.

They'd have to be a comedy geek and read the credits. I don't know why I get so much credit; I don't seek it.But crews will do anything for a producer/director who's polite and who knows what they want.So you're the steersman, giving it a light touch here and there to keep it on course.And it had been 10 years since the world-famous A Clump of Plinths with John Cleese, Bill Oddie and Tim Brooke-Taylor.I graduated in '73 as with a very poor third-class law degree.

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