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Kellie came second , getting four votes.'She accidentally hit me in the eye with her elbow - it happens.I've been hit in the face many times before,' Val said nonchalantly as audience members gasped at footage of him with blood pouring down his cheek.

And even though they did not end the night on the top of the leaderboard after three dances on the final night, the response from the judges - as well as tears in the eyes of numerous other audience members - would suggest Kellie must be a favourite.The 23-year-old singer is 15 years younger than Kid Rock which has to be awesome considering he used to sleep with Pamela Anderson. It must be nice having sex with someone who doesn’t feel like a leather couch stuffed with sand and hepatitis. ” And it looks like married life is agreeing with her. contest and country star Kellie Pickler announced during a radio interview she’s been secretly dating Kid Rock for over a year, according to Associated Content.

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