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But she finds difference, too: "Whereas from the 1920s until at least the 1960s, there was an assumption that a series of dates would lead to sexual intimacy and emotional commitment, students today tend to put sexual activity first."Statistics, she says, don't indicate that today's students are necessarily having more sex.

But the hookup culture has mandated an ideal of emotional detachment that she rightly finds questionable.

I knew from the start that I was dealing with a play that had a child in it. So, I felt as if there’s only one way I can do this and that’s to try and find the laughter.But, in tandem, they offer useful perspectives on dating as both an art and a historical construct.Like Perry, Weigel takes her personal experience as a starting point.In particular, she writes, "[t]he ways people date change with the economy."DOWNLOAD THE PRINTERS ROW APP FOR YOUR COMPLETE GUIDE TO PRINTERS ROW LIT FESTWeigel points out that metaphors such as being "on the market" and "shopping around" reflect our competitive, capitalistic society.What happens, though, when dating is merely window shopping? These are among the questions raised by Matteson Perry's deft comic memoir, "Available," which chronicles his year or so of dating dangerously.

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