Do men find me intimidating quiz Adult cam 2cam

I make my roommates kill spiders, I cried like an asshole while watching , I can’t watch scary movies or even the trailers on TV, and when it comes to car repairs/maintenance I am completely and totally helpless- I thought the tire pressure light was a Pac-Man ghost, whoever designed that was drunk.

Those qualities don’t seem to fit the profile of a girl who’s intimidating.

You don’t think you’re intimidating, and yet, guys don’t seem to approach you do they? It might not be that they find you unattractive: you could be putting out the vibe that you want to be left alone. If you’re just drinking a glass of water, or even worse nothing at all, while all of your friends are drinking cocktails, guys assume that you plan on making a quick exit.

They definitely assume that you are not in the mood to loosen up and talk to strangers.

Most guys suck at talking about what makes them insecure and so instead of addressing it with a woman they get aggressive and start accusing a girl of cheating, or flirting when in reality she’s the same confident girl that attracted them in the first place.

However, what most people don’t know about me is I have a real shitty self-image. I’m in great shape but I never feel like it is enough.

Since I started dating, guys (and a recent Buzzfeed quiz) have only consistently said one thing about me- I’m intimidating.

At first this really bothered me because I didn’t feel intimidating.

They might also suspect you’re the type of woman who expects men to buy her drinks all night and that’s not enticing.

If you’re out somewhere where all the other women are in dresses and you came in your track pants and hoodie, guys will assume you did not want to be there tonight but some friend dragged you there.

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