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Our garden has become an interesting meteorological phenomenon, as layers of ice, frozen snow, fresh snow and ice rain don’t disappear but form a winter lasagne. Learning something new every day, being challenged by nature and the necessity for alertness give me the feeling of being alive.

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The kids sung all this with what I can only view as disturbing gusto, and I find myself eyeing them all in a new and deeply suspicious light.There is something wildly liberating about being part of a multicultural society.People tend to be set on an idea of all inclusiveness and the absence of prejudice gives you wings.‘Pot lucks’ with ‘New Brunsies’ always turn out to be epic for the taste pallet, evening walks in the Christmas lit zoo give this time of year that romantic touch and making plans for outdoor winter adventures gives me a sense of wild expectation. Schools step in to the festivities as well and Elin’s loving it.She experienced a teen movie-like winter formal with her boyfriend and gave me a reality shock in the process, she’s turning into a young lady.

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