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She said the cost of a report is unlikely to be lower because of labor logistics.The importance of a “quick gut check,” she said, outweighs the financial cost of the report.

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One new Boston-based startup, a professional online private investigation website called Aste, is looking to overcome the dangers of internet dating.Although Aste may never enter the market of dating apps, certain applications are taking their own measures to ensure dating safety and eliminate the risk of malicious intent or unsavory personal histories.Dragon Fruit, a dating app that claims to be “for geeks by geeks,” is cognizant of the risks of online dating and false information in profiles, but it does not yet have a standardized process for dealing with complaints.“One of our missions is to create a sense of authenticity and safety to the best of our abilities,” Lee said.She added that some dating apps create fake profiles to lure in new users.

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