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Back in 1986 Vanna just lost her fiancee John Gibson (1981-86, d.

Not only did Coach somehow manage to take out the still dreamy Colby Donaldson during a kind of rugby challenge — leaving the still hateable Tyson Apostol to say Colby should just give up his manhood and become a woman — he is running a flirty charm campaign on two fronts: With Jerri “Black Widow” Manthey and Rob “Boston Rob” Mariano. Jerri’s fellow female villains are trying to make a cupid match between The Black Widow and The Dragon Slayer, but I’m rooting for more egregious sucking up as Coach repeatedly tells Boston Rob he’s “hanging on every word” Rob says. The Heroes tribe won reward — thanks in part to good football maneuvers by uber-threat J. (Even Rob thinks his tribe would be smart to get rid of him first … Then again, judging by the previews for next week, Rob may take himself out of the game with a classic medical illness. **Here are the remaining competitors** HEROES Rupert Boneham (Pearl Islands, All-Stars) James Clement (China, Fans vs.

Tyson — scared because he figured Russell and Parvati would be voting for him, since they couldn’t vote off Rob — tried to cover his own ass by switching his vote from Russell to Parvati. And I can only hope that the next time the Villains go to tribal council, Rob and Sandra Diaz-Twine are able to keep a stable Russell ousting together. Both winners from each tribe will square off with the winner getting his or her tribe hot dogs and soft drinks, which they will enjoy while watching the other team’s tribal council. He looked around when Jeff mentioned that, like he was looking for the Tyson that Jeff was talking about. James was actually in the lead during the challenge, with Colby stuck in the middle. Candice won the individual immunity for the Heroes. JT told the camera that Candice was the only thing stopping Colby from going home next. Right off the bat, Rob, Tyson and Russell were in the lead for the Villains. As James told the camera, it almost brought him to tears. Amanda, who loves James and said last week that he treats her like a little sister, told James he has to stop stealing bananas. Rupert told the camera James is a fighter, James is power, James is on his side. JT told the camera James is the kind of person who will not let you know he’s hurt until he’s in a stretcher. **** VILLAINS TRIBE — ROB’S THREE-WAY PLAN Rob said they should split the vote three and three. Three of the other side are going to pick someone else, probably Tyson.

Sandra was making “no progress at all,” as Jeff put it. “It’s like my superman sucks.” JT, Rupert, Candice and Amanda had a powwow about Colby vs.

(Are the villains smarter or just more able to work together this one time? During the first tribal council, the Heroes went from 10 to nine by eliminating Sugar. No one besides Colby is likely to have her on their radar. Villains’ recap: Boston Rob passes out; Villains rule; Stephenie sent home by James’ angry ‘one voice’ 2009: The year No.

Meanwhile Boston Rob, Sandra Diaz-Twine and Randy Bailey owned their puzzle. She’s manipulative without being too much of a threat. Favorites) Benjamin “Coach” Wade (Tocantins) Courtney Yates (China) RELATED STORIES • Coach the Baby Dragon Slayer sobs, Puppet Master Cirie Fields sent home, Russell Hantz flubs idol on ‘Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains’ recap: Russell disses the Red Sox; Randy goes home for being old; Villains, thy name is mud • ‘Survivor Heroes vs. Natalie White beat Russell Hantz on ‘Survivor: Samoa’ Looks like Russell Hantz just won ‘Survivor: Samoa’ (Not!

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