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Michigan has no statutory ban however, state courts have ruled that unmarried individuals are not allowed to jointly petition to adopt.

In addition, some states have passed laws giving married couples priority in adoption, and some prevent same-sex couples or unmarried people from becoming foster parents (foster parenting is often a first step towards adoption). For children waiting to be adopted, adoption bans shrink the pool of qualified adoptive parents, in some cases even preventing a child’s own foster parents from becoming her or his permanent, adoptive parents.

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In fact, single and unmarried adults already adopt about 33% of children from state care (U. In many cases it would benefit the child(ren) to have a legal relationship to both parents.

The pool of prospective adoptive parents should not be artificially diminished solely because of these people’s marital status, sexual orientation, or family structure. waiting to be adopted (Children’s Defense Fund, 2011).

Decisions about a child’s best interest should be made by those who are professionally trained in such matters. Most of these children are school-aged or in a sibling group that needs to stay together.

Many, but not all, states allow “co-parent adoptions” or “second parent adoptions,” which create a second legal parent-child relationship for these families.

Qualified, screened single and LGBT people can be excellent parents.

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