Is darren criss dating mia wasikowska

The trick in casting both of these men is that they have to be ideally suited for what is essentially a battle of wills with both of them being essentially sympathetic and seeking redemption. )Marius - Michael Bublé Threnadier - Bill Irwin and/or Christine Ebersole Fantine - Jane Krakowski Eponine - Heather Morris Cosette - Laura Belle Bundy I totally didn't pick a Jean Valjean. Russell Crowe has the right look and demeanour but I'm not sure if he can sing well enough. Valjean - Hugh Jackman Thenardier - John Barrowman (with the right makeup)Fantine - Anne Hathaway Javert - Russell Crowe-type that has the right voice (don't know if the real one has it)If you get Jackman for Valjean, then that should be enough for the big names.

So you'd need two men of roughly the same screen potency and preferrably similar ages. Fill the rest of the cast with people who fit the roles that can actually sing the parts.

Not to be rude, but at some point television producers need to pick another director to hero-worship. -get out of my dreams and get Darren Criss into my car, Ryan Murphy, as I'm fairly certain I had this on my Christmas list (except I was played by Kurt and it was slightly less G-rated). Slightly less intriguing possibility-I think they've already done the drug story, and if they are going to heavy drugs, shouldn't it be with someone we have a more important connection with like Rachel or Quinn?

And while they're having their cinematic moment, can I just acknowledge the hypocrisy on Kurt's part hiding that he and Blaine cheated while he's still dating the British dude (name to be determined at some point). Red hair club...umm, we're just not going to talk until the commercial.

Zara and Brian didn’t reveal if the tweet was what actually brought them together, but Zara did acknowledge she remembers her tweet full of thirsty questions.

“Who are you,” Zara wrote in a line of unbroken questions without any punctuation.

I also didn't meet one person who was eager to buy a ticket the movie without the songs. Reilly Valjean Jude Law Hugh Jackman Ewan Mc Gregor John Stamos Jalvert Gerard Butler Jonathan Pryce Hugh Jackman Daniel Day Lewis Johnny Depp Kevin Kline Mdme. Threnadier: Jim Broadbent and Bette Midler sounds perfect! She's a young mother who has to give up her child.

So Uma Thurman played Fantine but didn't get to belt out power ballad classic "I Dreamed a Dream", Claire Danes played the pitiable orphaned Cosette but didn't get that wonderful crosscut romantic triangle "A Heart Full of Love", Liam Neeson played Valjean but didn't get that 11th hour manly weep-a-thon "Bring Him Home". Jean Valjean (middle aged) is the manly hero, who breaks parole after two decades in prison (for stealing a loaf of bread). Thenardier Bette Midler Liza Minnelli LOLGlenn Close Kathy Bates Carol Burnett Jean Valjean: Agree 100% on Hugh Jackman Fantine: Marion Cotillard Cosette: Dakota Fanning... I think Jackman would be much more suited to the Javert role. Marion Cotillard for Fantine Lea Michelle for Eponine Cosette is a tough one - Emmy Rossum perhaps. I know that Lupone plays her on Broadway but Broadway is much looser for ages since it's not shot in closeup. I have struggled and struggled to remember if Cosette has an actual personality but I think she's just The Pretty Girl.

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Hollywood is currently repeating this dunderheaded mistake with umpteen Wizard of Oz projects in development that ARE NOT ? Admittedly we tend to travel in packs with people who share our interests but I didn't meet one person around the late 1990s who didn't say "Why isn't it the musical? the two other pop culture musical phenomenons of the 80s. I mean, she nailed as Velma, great dancing, great singing, Hollywood is weird indeed. ; ) Fantine Michelle Pfeiffer Toni Collette Kate Winslet Gwyneth Paltrow Marion Cotillard Eponine/Cosete Scarlett Johansson Evan Rachel Wood Marius: Patrick Wilson Threnadier: Geoffrey Rush Nathan Lane Alan Cumming John C. par3182 -- haha "some american idol placegetter" i KNOW.everyone -- the casting suggestions for Fantine are way old.

Did I miss something on the pregnancy thing-does Santana know or was that just a winking coincidence?

And it's a movie show, so they had to get the requisite John Hughes callout there (with yet another movie I suspect people the character's ages wouldn't know, though it's Kurt, so I'm going to let that one slide, as he's always been pretty up-to-snuff with his pop culture references). So, they're going to be going with Brody as a drug-dealer instead of a prostitute?

“Why are you so fine how do you like your eggs cooked in the morning? Zara noticed people catching on to the story, as well.

In a new Instagram post in which she’s smooching Brian, she revealed how he likes his eggs.

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