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However, your question is an important one, because it’s something that my coaching clients ask me somewhat regularly. ” And, as I see it, unless you’ve already covered the topics of his work, his family, where he lives, how long he’s lived there, what he aspires to, how he enjoys dating, and his various tastes in movies, literature, music, and travel, you should probably have plenty to say. The coolest people I know are those comfortable in their own skin. I can’t help but to think of a baseball player overthinking a big at-bat, or an actor freezing on an audition. My first book had come out and a prospect had gone out to get it in advance. When we were talking on the phone prior to our first date, she confessed that she was really nervous about meeting.

Especially if he’s kind enough to ask you a few questions as well. The only way to succeed in something this visceral is to turn off your brain and get out of your own way.

When we plan to approach a We woman, we think of countless negative possibilities.

That is why we get nervous, hesitant to approach them, and most often, we backout.

This is the reason why some men find it hard to approach a woman. ,” or “She might just laugh at me” is what we usually expect.

There is actually a reason towards this attitude of men. What comes into our mind if we get rejected is the shame. Third, we are afraid that we might say the wrong thing to her.

My problem is that I freeze up when I talk to guys. Try bringing that same persona and energy to a date.

All of these shyness problems root our negative thinking.

I recently read your blog entry regarding dating non conversationalists.

I consider myself a very outgoing person, and can usually carry on a conversation with anyone.

Some may break the ice to be the only hard part, but for others, raising women's more like a scene right out of the Mission: Impossible.

It's a shame that you can not play spin the bottle all your life without ever having contact with the girls about the fear and bring them under the skin.

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