Yunho changmin dating

” Max Changmin had everyone laughing with his unexpected answer, “It would have to be something that puts me in a tight spot..

Marriage.” Though he wouldn’t be able to meet with his girlfriend in public because he’s a famous celebrity, Max Changmin revealed that he’s a romantic who likes to plan little events to surprise his girlfriend.

Yunho is shipping off to basics in the South Korean military.

During this time he had been reflecting on who he has been and who he will be after the two year absence. Sometimes a little trickery is involved and sometime a little reassurance is needed.

However, after Heechul insists on a temporary leave to spend time with his fiancé, Yunho ends up partnered with the angst-ridden newbie, Shim Changmin.

He's one of the most spirited members and he shares that spirit with us so that we feel comfort during difficult times." "I have to do better.. They may never come back together as a group ever again, but I really hope they'll find a way to save their friendship.

Max Changmin showed his caring side when he said, “I don’t do anything grand.

When she’s sick, I’ll make soup and give it to her before she goes to work.

In the Japanese releases by the duo, they are referred to as Tohoshinki while the Korean name for them is DBSK which is an abbreviation of their Dong Bang Shin Ki – Korean name.

An approximate translation of the name is Rising Gods of the East.

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