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It should be viewed through a hermeneutic of regret.

Purity culture is less about the control of young bodies and more about the lamentations of aging ones.

With nearly two-thirds of evangelicals younger than 50, the family dynamic is key for understanding the appeal of Harris’s book and others like it.

As young evangelicals begin to mature, their parents are approaching midlife, a season often ripe with regret and resentment.

It was a way of life that no Baby Boomer ever lived (nor could they).Amid all the inspired elegance of 1 Corinthians 13, the apostle Paul never claimed that human love is perfect. This morning I am beginning a new Sunday series called “The Bestsellers.” The Evangelical Christian Publishers Association tracks sales of Christian books, and awards the Platinum Book Award for books whose sales exceed one million, and the Diamond Book Award for sales exceeding ten million.(A helpful and thoughtful analysis can be found in Ruth Graham’s .” In his essay “Against Evangelical Victim Culture (Stop Blaming Josh Harris for Your Problems),” G.Shane Harris offers an equally well-written if largely unsympathetic approach to complaints against Harris’s work.) In what follows, I would like to briefly add my voice to the cacophony that currently surrounds know firsthand the subculture that surrounded Harris’s book.

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