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It was titled: 'I got laid but Murs didn't.' The writer Jessica Hopper conducted the interview with the rapper for the February 2003 issue of Vice. Her complaint related to when she worked for Vice between 20.He asked her on the phone: 'When can I come to Chicago? When she tried to sue Vice afterwards, its lawyers responded by accusing her of initiating and then pursuing a romantic relationship with him.One woman told how she was on the Coney Island Ferris wheel after a work party with a boss when he moved her hand onto his crotch without her permission.Another said she once had to fight a superior off with an umbrella when he tried to kiss her repeatedly.Vice acknowledged the problem, telling The Times in a statement that it had failed 'from the top down'.

The Times is planning to run the story online shortly.Digital chief Mike Germano (left) allegedly told one woman he was reluctant to hire her because he wanted to have sex with her and pulled another employee on to his lap.Producer Rhys James (right) allegedly asked a mixed-race journalist what colors her nipples are and if she slept with black men The same excuse was given to another woman in a separate lawsuit against a different male employee.Another complained that he once pulled her onto his lap.He said he apologized for the latter incident and that the pair went on to remain friends.

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