Secret of online dating

He seemed uninterested via text never texting first, giving one word answers, taking hours to respond, and that is what hooked me.

Remember I have always been confident and girls love the chase!

People are most likely talking to other people, life happens and people get distracted, and people do actually get busy with work/school and get sick. The key is not to get that invested until you meet someone and know that something is actually there and to make sure you don’t instantly think the worst when they don’t answer your text within 15 minutes.

I’ll go over some potential situations and some ways to handle situations when you are left wondering "why".

I chose a different guy over him after messaging with both of them for a few days (Remember people talk to numerous people at one time), I went home from college for the weekend and came back that Monday with a new boyfriend... Joe was a big guy, long dark hair for a male, wore a superhero hat, and lived in his fathers basement.

“Like I just don’t get it we were talking and everything was going so well, why aren’t they answering?? I have been the person to text someone a few weeks later saying something like “Hello stranger what ever happened” and I have gotten a response…

If he does not take the bait then drop it, if his reason is legit he will come after you and start initiating but most likely he isn’t all that interested and is just filling in his day at work with responding to your texts because, let’s be honest people like attention. So you should not worry as much if you are always initiating conversation.

But if you notice you have tried arranging a date and she is not jumping at the opportunity then you might want to take a step back with an open ended, “Well, you let me know when you are free and we can get that coffee, ” placing the ball in her court.

The way I judged guys on the other hand, I still do not understand. I started talking to a few guys around the time I first messaged him, his profile picture had him in a Reese's peanut butter cup shirt and I told myself that shirt would be mine (I have that shirt sitting in my draw to this day).

But alas this is a story of how I am lucky to have him, and it starts from the very beginning on how I was a big jerk.

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