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The term sati also means "to remember." In the Satipaṭṭhāna-sutta the term sati means to remember the dharmas, whereby the true nature of phenomena can be seen.

Sharf refers to the Milindapañha, which explained that the arisement of sati calls to mind the wholesome dhammas such as the four establishings of mindfulness, the five faculties, the five powers, the seven awakening-factors, the noble eight-factored path, and the attainment of insight.

'Before I came across Kristina, I was reluctant to allow Elizabeth to start at such a young age.

Now I realize that the time for her is right.' Family: Elizabeth's mother Anne-Marie Ashcroft, 41, pictured (center) with Elizabeth (left) and her 14-year-old son David (right), feels this could be the start of a promising modeling career for her daughter Kristina's story triggered widespread outrage over her young age, with critics slamming the girl's mother Glikeriya Pimenova for posting scantily-clad images of her daughter to Instagram; many of which garnered sick comments referring to Kristina as a 'babe' and praising her 'long legs.'Body double: Elizabeth (left), re-creating Kristina's pose (right), which sparked outrage after it was posted by her mother on Instagram, inviting comments about Kristina being a 'babe' and praising her 'long legs'Elizabeth was quickly snapped up by two agencies who were sent the photos; Folio, an adults-only agency based in Montreal and Kids London, which will represent Elizabeth in Europe over the school holidays.

Having trained in classical ballet from the ages of four to seven, Elizabeth is now a student at 8 Count, Canada’s premier hip-hop dance school, and was recently selected during try-outs for their advanced class.

Asked whether she would allow Elizabeth to leave school early in pursuit of full-time modeling, Ms Ashcroft replies: 'Elizabeth will be encouraged to complete her university, even if on a part-time basis.'I was forced to abandon my demanding and budding career as a real estate broker at Sutton (formerly with Sotheby's) to return to being a full-time mother when the children’s father left Canada in early 2012 to live in the UK,' she explains.

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Elizabeth Hiley, ten, based in Montreal, Canada, bears more than a striking resemblance to young supermodel Kristina, and her mother now has high hopes that Elizabeth can follow in Kristina's fashion footsteps.'The likeness between Kristina and my daughter is uncanny,' Anne-Marie Ashcroft, 41, tells Daily Mail Online.

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