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No entry qualifications beyond wishing to participate as an afper. AFParty A gathering of Afpers anywhere, anytime in 2002 with the object of enjoying themselves evem more than at a regular Afpmeet since its also celebrating 10 years of Afpdom.In fact distant afpers or those who are otherwise deprived of RL [tm] contact with their nosey fellow afpers are particularly welcomed :) It is to be found at: AFAIK as far as i know [cf. Get in on the act by checking out the copious free details at: AFP, afp pratchett - a generally harmonious anarchy [once more :-)] AFPA, afpa pratchett.announce - a rigidly controlled dictatorship for articles of an announcementish sort of afpishness [which, it is promised, is fairly loosely defined][though this could change] AFPBOFH (see BOFH) technical discussions but mostly only frequented by afpers. omnia)] BICBW but i could be wrong (also ICBW, ICWBW, BICVWBW .well be...) BITCH Being In Total Control of Herself [: thanks, glindearestone]; BOFH, bofh bastard operator from hell: maybe sys(tem)admin(istrator) - or, "the tech who knows how these ******* things work" (see LART).aka (q.v.) "Auntie", prior to the coining of "The Beeb" by the late, greatly lamented kenny everett However BBC Transmission (which distributes the radio and tv programs) now privatised and known as CTI (Castle Transmissions International), owned primarily by Crown Castle International (formerly Castle Tower) and also by T'l'diffusion de France. The A-Files and the afpcode now exist in the same open spirit.DD _Death's Domain_ - the fourth discworld map, by paul kidby. DMWC (the) dear madwoman carol (_the_) [& various extemporisations therefrom], the most recent uncracked being "the uatsspdrfodmwc" . [etc....] FLA four-letter acronym; but it isn't one [see ETLA, & FETLA, above]; also Alabama Liberation Front (liberation from whom, being unclear) Fo C _Feet of Clay_; also free of charge. ]; also girl guides GCSE, General Certificate of Secondary Education - english, welsh & north- gcse ern irish [variable] standard of education to c.sixteen years old, and examinations and syllabus relating thereunto.was, sadly, showing signs that the creative fires were dimming, during its fourth year, but afpreport suggests this may have righted itself. (q.v.)]; also a cartoon cave-man character in eponymous strip set in stone age times B. CABAL a covert association of conspirators, frequently one attempting to wrest control of an organisation; or, actually having succeeded in taking control, that chooses to keep its existence - and the extent of its powers - hidden from all but its own members.

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To formulate your own AFPCode take a look at: AHFo S _A Hat Full of Sky_ - A children's novel, the second to feature Tiffany Aching. " (from the alleged [commonly accepted as true] newbie- ("aol ! caused by the feeding of the infected parts of diseased cows back to cows without complete pyrolysis of the prions, which practice became widespread in the uk once the tory government made it legal, & made it legal to not declare the presence of such ingredients in processed feedstuffs; but which has also taken place in most, if not all, other countries using processed feedstuffs for cattle. Books and publications are now listed separately before the main section. _ [though it parses to "Guards Not-Guards Not" for the shell bound, or "Guards-store Guards-store" for those who go Forth [thank you Norman! M _Maskerade_ [from "Maskerade, not Mort"] MP _Moving Pictures_; Military Police; member of parliament. _Eric_) indicate that the abbreviation is of one of Pterry(Terry Pratchett)'s titles, or one commonly referred to by the abbreviation. MAA _Men at Arms_ [also "[email protected]"] MR _Monstrous Regiment_; Discworld novel published November 2003 M!AD2000 The Assassin's Diary published in UK in September '99, but not reaching Merkian shores until 2001.Not to be confused with 2000AD, British graphic art comic which gave birth to Halo Jones (thank you Andrew Breen and Ally) A-Files Ever growing gallery of afpers, displaying mug^Wportrait picture and/or a soundbyte of the afper's greeting, and additional information such as their afpcode, nickname etc.

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