Updating slackware 10

We can inspect a package as follows: Now that we know what we want, we can try to install it.SBo is source-oriented; almost all packages will be built entirely from source when you install them (either by sbopkg or manually). If you haven’t satisfied the dependencies, the build will likely fail; you can always install them and try again.

Some people prefer to use the officially released versions, while others prefer to keep in sync with the latest developments.Smart not only tries to solve these problems automatically, but also seeks the best possible solution in terms of needed changes.For example, when upgrading a package, it might choose a not-so-new version if it's better for the rest of the installed packages in your system. A mirror is an Internet nide that provides the same contents as in another Web place, called an .Gentoo Linux is based on Portage, SUSE uses Ya ST, Red Hat and Fedora opt for yum, Linspire prefers CNR....Oh, and don't forget the different package options: RPM, Debian, source, and more esoteric options.

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