Dating by profession Free camseks one by one

Competition: A doctor makes for a great catch and many people know this so expect to face some fierce competition for their attention.

4) Doctor: Medical professionals worldwide are probably dejected to come in fourth in this most coveted list.5) TV/Radio personality: Clearly being a (comparatively minor) celebrity doesn't fly with the ladies too much.6) Teacher: Usually considered a thankless job but it still made it to the top 10.7) Engineer: This is clearly the age of the geeks, for engineering having garnered enough interest.8) Model: Six-pack, cheekbones and fashion sense can also go so far, apparently.9) Paramedic: High-five to emergency service professionals for making the cut! Apparently men find women who help others achieve clarity and coherency quite attractive.8) Pharmacist: Because those prescription migraine medicines are just a call away.9) Social Media Manager: Socially active women made the cut.10) Model: Interesting to find this at the bottom of the list.

Long Hours: Many doctors work extended shifts with going 48 hours straight or longer being quite common.

But the hours have a greater effect than just the time because you can add in at least another day to rest and recover which means that outside of a day or two, you'll be lucky to see them all week long.

Dating a doctor however, especially online is another matter entirely.

While many of us get most of our perceptions of doctors from popular TV shows, the truth is that their lives are more complicated than what we see portrayed.

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