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South Yorkshire Police did new DNA testing on semen samples left on his victims back in the 80s.

It was this evidence that led them to Lloyd's sister.

Long, full skirts predominated after 1840 resulting in a plethora of plain and uninteresting footwear.

Even so, some shoes were made that were worked in colourful embroideries; the decoration usually created with machine-sewn chain stitching.

By the mid 1870s “Louis” (hourglass-shaped) heels of two inches were not uncommon.

Revivals of 18th century-style bows and buckles became fashionable additions from 1863 when the “Fenelon” bow (a multi-looped bow) first appeared on the toes of shoes.

Small heels were re-introduced to women’s footwear mid-century, although they weren’t standard until the 1870s when bustled skirts became the mode.

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The case went cold for 17 years, but then DNA evidence gathered from his sister following an arrest for drink-driving gave police a new lead.That was his - he couldn't bear to let go of these offences."If his sister had never been caught for drink-driving, he would probably be a free man today." Lloyd's crimes were committed in a time before DNA and CCTV evidence, making the perpetrator much harder to trace. Former Detective Constable David Buxton said: "We began to consider, were the shoes taken just to slow the lady down, for example to stop her escaping? " But Lloyd's crimes suddenly stopped and the trail ran cold - until the case was re-opened in 2002.Lloyd was jailed in 2006 with an indeterminate sentence, and ordered to spend at least 14 and a half years behind bars.He went on to spend just seven years in prison after the Court of Appeal reduced his sentence.

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