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But when you really look at it, you see they get stalled pretty early.” Mary Min disagrees.She leads global development for SEWORKS, a mobile-security company, and believes these biases and discrimination often go hand in hand.Wang said that the survey topics, which included challenges in the dating scene and the workplace, and bullying at school, were familiar to him.“All of these questions are inescapable for Asian Americans,” Wang says.“Or people may perceive it as a weakness or deference rather than just respect.”Before moving to SEWORKS, Min spent about 17 years working in mobile gaming.Walking into a boardroom composed mostly of white men, she said her own insights were often dismissed—and sometimes would later be openly received if repeated by a male colleague.Shen, who is now a product manager at Etsy, said as he entered adulthood, he became aware of some of the prejudices Asian Americans face through personal experiences and conversations with friends.In one particular conversation, a friend from high school explained the challenges he faced as a Chinese American in the medical field.“He was just telling me about a number of situations at work and in his personal life where he feels that the fact that he’s Chinese makes him feel separate, like ‘other,’” Shen says.

Later he attended Stanford, which also includes a substantial Asian-American population.Asian Americans do outpace other American ethnic groups in terms of bachelor’s and master’s degrees, according to U. The study pegged a lack of awareness by employers, a need to change the behaviors of potential hirees, and an overall lack of role models to provide guidance on this issue.At first glance, it seems Asian Americans are entering the workforce in significant numbers, says Anna Mok, a partner at Deloitte who serves as executive vice president of Ascend.They say that Asian Americans need to learn the leadership skills that corporate America values, such as adapting public speaking skills to fit their company, while the executives themselves need to learn how to best retain and promote Asian-American talent.“You look at the numbers and people say, 'There’s so many Asians going into the workforce or going into these companies.' And that’s true.

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