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CONTINUED: (3) KAUFMAN Alienated journalist writes about passionate backwoods guy and he teaches her to love. KAUFMAN So anyway I just wanted to stop by to congratulate you on your promotion. VALERIE See, we thought maybe Susan Orlean and Laroche could fall in love during the course of -- (CONTINUED) 6. Kaufman, nervous and sweaty, watches Margaret, a soulful development executive, unpack boxes. Did you fellas know you fellas believe the world rests on the back of a turtle? Laroche spots something else, a dull green root wrapped around a tree. MARGARET (cont'd) I swear, it'd be fucking great for someone to have the testicles to make that book into a movie, man. Something not about sex and violence and car chases and love stories, people learning profound lessons. Laroche leads the Indians through waist-high black water. What possible interest is an old, bald, fat man to anyone? Laroche tries to contemplate the plants and birds whizzing by.

KAUFMAN ..I love the idea of learning all about orchids. BUSINESS LUNCH RESTAURANT - MIDDAY Kaufman, wearing his purple sweater sans tags, sits with Valerie, an attractive woman in wire-rim glasses. Kaufman steals glances at her lips, her hair, her breasts. CONTINUED: KAUFMAN (with studied modesty) Oh, thank you. Kaufman self-consciously rubs his nose in response. OFFICE - DAY SUBTITLE: HOLLYWOOD, CALIFORNIA, THREE WEEKS EARLIER The office is decorated with potted flowers, Audobon posters, lots of books. KAUFMAN They want me to do an adaptation of a book called The Orchid Thief.

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