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When i switched to libgdx I downloaded the "xmlpull_1_0_5.jar", added it to my libs folder and the added it to my java build path (much like the libgdx jars). Xml Pull Parser Exception: could not load any factory class (even small or full default implementation); nested exception is: org.kxml2

Code looks something like thisimport org.xmlpull.v1. Xml Reader"I tried to google but i couldn't find anything.

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It's the same for other characters of my native language, Estonian, that aren't in English alphabet.* * @param codec The Ldap Service to use * @throws Xml Pull Parser Exception if an error occurs while the initialization of the parser */ public Dsmlv2Response Parser( Ldap Api Service codec ) throws Xml Pull Parser Exception /** * Creates a new instance of Dsmlv2Parser.I have 4 values I am trying to put into a hashmap from an xml file.*/ public static Xml Pull Parser Holder get XMLFile(String...filenames) throws Xml Pull Parser Exception, File Not Found Exception /** * Parse is as an Invalid Path Exception * @param is * @return if The exception is an Invalid Char Exception * @throws Xml Pull Parser Exception * @throws IOException */ public boolean parse XMLResponse(Input Stream is) throws Xml Pull Parser Exception, IOException /** * Creates a new instance of Dsmlv2Response Parser.

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