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At the same time, this experience may strengthen their relationship, and a stronger relationship may mean that they will better be able to raise children in the future.Who people like to have sex with depends on their sexuality.The two animals may be of opposite sexes or they may be hermaphroditic, as is the case with snails.Sexual intercourse may also be between individuals of the same sex.One reason for this may be that sex partners of these species form strong emotional bonds.The partners come together for more than just sexual intercourse.Sex reinforces intimate social bonds between individuals.

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This does not always work though because the condom may rip or tear.It is recommended that a couple who have a sexual relationship use two forms of contraception. Contraception allows people to keep "sex for fun" separate from "sex to make children".For example, a fertile couple may use contraception to experience sexual pleasure (recreational).In the case of humans, long-term partnership is more important than immediate sexual reproduction.Humans, bonobos and dolphins show cooperative behaviour.

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