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The were coffee junkies, and that caffeine buzz motivated them to get busy with some really cool coffee inventions. They were all sexually active, coffee drinking adults who had internet access, and enjoyed chocolate.They of course believed that coffee helped them (and their Johns) in the sexual performance area, as well as provide an overall alertness. The question was: If you had to give up one of the following for a month, which would it be?And these beliefs were held in times where medical and scientific practices were questionable at best.However, modern day studies and surveys suggest that coffee and sex still are linked, and important on the minds of both young adults and the elderly alike.Mark that down, it is one of the few things men and women have ever agreed on. Caffeine indirectly affects cells by increasing epinephrine/adrenaline in the adrenal glands, as well as norepinephrine/noradrenaline hormones. A small amount of caffeine can stimulate the brain cells, improving concentration and reaction times.

Why would brothel madams even go to the effort of patenting all these coffee making apparatuses? Regardless of how some may initially think that alcohol would be the best first date primer, how many first time meetings happen at coffee shops? The high end coffeemaker and espresso machine company Capresso, did a survey in 2001 to see how serious people were about their coffee.The “Maidens of London” blamed coffee for their husbands lack of sexual interest.Coffeehouses were really for men only (although pubs and taverns were for all).Maybe Sex and Coffee are more related than we think?And for women and men to have some sort of agreement? The effects of caffeine on the body tend to be immediate. Caffeine interacts directly with cells by changing chemical reactions within the cells.

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