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And Real Science Radio is thankful to by Moczydlowska, et al., from European researchers including from the Department of Earth Sciences, Palaeobiology at Uppsala University in Sweden, regarding a pre-Cambrian (layer) marine worm fossil allegedly 550 million years old: The Sabellidites organic body is preserved without permineralization.

Minerals have not replicated any part of the soft tissue and the carbonaceous material of the wall is primary, preserving the original layering of the wall, its texture, and fabrics.

The National Center for Welding Education and Training is an important new effort that I’ve linked to in my sidebar. These unqualified welding engineers (UWE’s) are usually an ongoing profit liability when unguided by a BSWE/BSWET, and have convinced themselves and many around them that they’re just as good as a degreed B. Most companies haven’t assembled a team like that, but the ones that do will be the most successful.

They do a superb job of explaining some of this, like in these job descriptions for various types of careers in welding. Though more from Ohio than any other state, I’m partial to the quality and historical focus of Le Tourneau’s program.

However, these putative ancient melanosomes might alternatively represent microorganismal residues, a conflicting interpretation compounded by a lack of unambiguous chemical data.

we observe structures consistent with putative erythrocyte remains that exhibit mass spectra similar to emu whole blood. preservation is more common than previously thought...this study, putative soft tissue (either erythrocyte-like structures, collagen-like, fibrous structures or amorphous carbon-rich structures (Supplementary Fig.

7)) was observed in six of our eight dinosaur specimens (Supplementary Table 1).

Kevin Anderson on RSR discussing findings in molecular biology.

* Armitage Compliments this RSR Dino Soft Tissue Page: Hear our interview with Mark Armitage on this Triceratops soft tissue discovery.

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