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The United States Supreme Court has upheld the rights of parents regarding the care, custody, and management of their children in several contexts, including child rearing, education, and religion.

Most of the testimony concerned disputes over the value, possession, and disposition of various personal property items. Boswell moved for recusal of Judge Rushworth based on statements he made during the conference that indicated a predisposition to limit the father's visitation, specifically permitting no contact between Amanda and Ryan and Mr. In its oral opinion, the court awarded sole custody to Ms. Boswell to visiting with his children every other Saturday from a.m. Boswell] is sleeping with ․ another person without the cloak of a marital relationship.* * *[T]here will be no visitation in the home where there is ․ Donathan. “Parens patriae” refers to the “principle that the state must care for those who cannot take care of themselves, such as minors.” Black's Law Dictionary, at 1114 (6 th ed.1990). They shouldn't go a long time without contact with both parents.” Indeed, Dr. Standley testified that Ryan was distressed and concerned. Standley expressed her opinion that in situations such as Ryan and Amanda's, she was “very much in favor of both parents having a great deal of contact with the [children].”In response to a question about the effect Mr. However, when asked whether it would be better for Ryan and Amanda if Mr. Ed.2d 15 (1972)(overturning a mandatory schooling law in the face of Amish claims of parental authority and religious liberty); Stanley v. The Court of Special Appeals entered a judgment in Mr. Boswell's favor on October 29, 1997, vacating the prohibition against overnight visitation.

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