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Kentucky takes great pride in teaching young and/or new drivers good judgement, driver education and road regulations proven to reduce the state’s somewhat high teen-age auto accident and fatality rate.

No matter what age you are, you can only apply for an Intermediate License after you’ve carried a permit for a minimum of 180 days without any moving violations.

Scheduling in that circumstance will be determined by the Transportation Cabinet and the school.

The course is designed for a 4-hour class for new drivers with the emphasis on driver safety, responsibilities and decision making.

Kentucky State developed a program for new drivers to help them become safe and responsible drivers.

The system consists of four phases, where each stage gradually exposes a new driver to the intricacies of the rules of the road as well as driving skills.

Laws, rules, regulations, licensing, seat belt safety, drinking and driving, and other driving skills are discussed.

Hands-on driving techniques are NOT included at this time. The education course by the Transportation Cabinet is also conducted in every county in Kentucky, usually at a high school.

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