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The fact that Ted used the olive theory as an indication of his future with Robin (Robin hates olives, Ted loves them) shows that Ted looks up to Marshall and Lily to the point of using ridiculous nuances in their relationship in his own.

The implication is clear when contrasting this positive approval with the condemnation Barney spurs as the opposite end of the spectrum.

The different levels of happiness and approval each of the main characters is presented with illustrates what the show is trying to imply as desirable and happy.

The show’s message through these characters reinforces “monogamous romantic relationships” as the norm.

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By looking underneath the show’s humor a clear message reinforcing the hegemony of “monogamous romantic relationships are desirable and results in happiness” stood out to me.We will be adding more to the archives in coming months, so stay tuned! A favorite of mine is the popular How I Met Your Mother.Abed’s head is quirked to his right as he stares unsmilingly.Abed from Community, however, portrays being ambiguously “on the spectrum” (to use his own words) beyond comedy.

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