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In the Diocese of Boise, Sacramental records dating from approximately 1960 are kept at the parish of baptism. Statistical Data: The Chancery is responsible for gathering and maintaining all statistical records for the Diocese.

Religious Immigration: The Diocese of Boise works directly with USCCB – Catholic Legal Immigration Network, Inc.

(CLINIC) for all immigration issues concerning priests, seminarians and religious communities.

Real Estate: The Chancery oversees all real estate and property issues for the Diocese.

Much of the work of the Chancery is in relationship with the Holy See, national Catholic organizations, local parishes, Catholic institutions and pastoral leadership. Sacramental Records: Parishes have five types of Sacramental records: Baptismal, Marriage, Death, First Communion and Confirmation records.

Papal Audience: Papal Audiences are only scheduled on Wednesdays. The Code specifies what kind of information is to be reported in those records. We can research information requests on a time available basis.

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