The secret to dating professional athletes and getting that ring

The Peetes have been active philanthropists almost since the beginning of their marriage, founding the Holl Rod Foundation in 1997 to benefit people suffering from Parkinson’s Disease.Like another notable Boston-area athlete (more on him later), Red Sox starting pitcher Clay Buchholz can never be down for too long after a tough outing, knowing that he has a beautiful wife to go home to (when they’re not both on the road that is).81 games on the road per year probably seems like a breeze for Buchholz’s wife Lindsay Clubine, the host of HDNet’s adventure travel show briefcase model.In the case of former NFL quarterback Jeff Garcia and 2004 Playmate of the Year Carmella De Cesare, the flavor would definitely be cosmopolitan.Garcia, who is of Mexican and Irish decent, made his name as the scrappy, undersized quarterback who made three Pro Bowl appearances for the San Francisco 49ers (2000-2002)—and one more for the Tampa Bay Bucaneers in 2007—after going undrafted in 1994, and finally making his way to the NFL after a four year career in the Canadian Football League (CFL).Zach is a tight end for the Philadelphia Eagles and Julie is a United States soccer player.

Just as she has been able to reach the top of her profession as the host of the No.

Or perhaps our infatuation is fed by some sadistic need to find joy in other people’s misery.

Whatever the reason, it’s generally the bad behavior that gets the most press.

Sure, we briefly celebrate the latest marriage or baby birth, but those positive vibes are quickly replaced by scrutiny or skepticism over how long the union will last (thanks Kim Kardashian) or the latest report of celebrity parenting gone bad (here’s looking at you Bobby Christina).

Maybe we have a subconscious desire to prove that celebrities are just as flawed as us regular folk.

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